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If you have a thing for girls tied up in domestic places as they are screwed by dudes in soft BDSM fetish, you are likely to have a ball watching content on this site. There are 158 sexy hot amateur cuties featured on this platform that is owned and produced by Claude. The hotties are captured; tied up in homes on beds and couches or even in bathrooms as they wait for their “tormentor“ to mount them.

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Website Layout

The site is draped in black color. I particularly loved the feeling of class and premium presentation provided. The home page hits you with an array of browsing options. Although there isn’t an elaborate search tool, my experience was full of fun and enjoyment. The site also allows viewers to access it via mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. I tried it while at the office and loved the way the pages come alive. The only aspect I had qualms about the presentation of the site is that they include a few ads for other related sites. Although I didn’t see much interference while viewing, I’m one of those people with a negative attitude towards ads on porn sites; especially when I’m focused on pure sensual stuff. I understand, though, that ads have become a central part of online operations. You hardly miss them on any site lately. There are no bonus sites or live cam shows but you are assured of sufficient entertainment on the site. The videos are also great and original stuff. I didn’t see any of the scenes in HD but they are pretty great stuff to watch. In fact, the fact that you are presented with exclusive and original content makes you feel at home with the scenes. I loved the amateur displays and the beauty of the girls so much that I hardly noticed a few elements that were missing.

Models & Video Quality

The girls are gorgeous. They are in sexy nylon and other titillating accessories. The videos are captured in private locations I loved the natural feel even as the girls are subjected to some BDSM fetish. I’m one of the porn fans who cringe at the site of hard BDSM stuff. However, I loved the fashion of BDSM that Claude offers users on this site with the amateur cuties. Although you get to see the girls tied up and gagged as is the tradition with BDSM, the places they are tied are quite comfy and even romantic. You get to view girls in nude captions tied onto the headboards of the beds even as they lie still in wait for a screw from the dudes who subject them to the mild form of BDSM. Indeed, the dudes do not disappoint. They happen to be gifted with tools that satisfy the most insatiable of women. You can tell the pleasure the women derive from the sessions by the sound of their moans, groans and screams of erotic pleasure. The site offers videos for streaming. You have 150 videos available for your fun and enjoyment. I could not establish an average for these videos. Their playback spans are quite varied. The videos are made in MP4 format for both downloading and streaming. You also have 27 galleries to visit. Each of the galleries comes with 30 pics per set. It isn’t the largest pool of photos but it certainly provides viewers with something to view for a reasonable period of time. You can download the files in a zip file. You are not restricted to the number of downloads you can make once you subscribe to their membership.

Final Resume

With over 155 models to provide entertainment, I found Sexy Settings to be one of the sites with the richest set of original content that features genuine amateur hotties. If you have a thing for soft BDSM and viewing acutely hot amateur girls being pounded hard while tied up and gagged, I suggest you try this site.

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