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Ever wondered what it would be like to spy on girls taking a shower in public places? Sounds exciting, right? But why risk getting caught when you can enjoy the sight of sexy ladies stripping off their clothes and exposing their tits and pussies for your pleasure, at the comfort of your own home? One such person has taken your needs into account and guess what? She’s one naughty chick named Laura! Yup, Laura might just be the most perverted girl you’ll ever know, and she’s created a premium porn destination for voyeur fans, in the form of ShowerSpyCamera! This site brings a lot of HD voyeur videos of women captured unaware while undressing and showering in changing rooms and in other public places! That’s right, these are 100% amateurs of all ages and sizes caught on tape with spy cams installed by Laura herself. There are institute girls, MILFs, matures… all sorts of everyday type of girls who never expected they’d dip their toes into voyeur porn! Laura attests that all of the voyeur content you’ll find at ShowerSpyCameras are genuine, and it seems to be the case since not a single one of these chicks have any idea they’re being filmed! Enjoy 850+ hours of pure voyeur goodness at the sight of real and raw chicks taking a shower and soaping up their tits and pussies! Most – if not all – of the videos you’ll find here at ShowerSpyCameras are in crisp and clear HD. You know what that means, right? You’ll see every bit of steamy detail!

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Website Layout

It’s really hard to discern what sexually arouses one person and not the other, but one thing’s for sure: When cocks get hard and sex drives start to fire up, finding steamy content with a little bit of kink to it will surely be what most personalities will choose to watch. Entering ShowerSpyCameras is a lot like stepping into a den of carnal desire, where hardcore voyeurs’ are tempted with sizzling hot girls in their birthday suits. Laura, our perverted host, is a talented chick who knows when and where to sneak in spy cameras in public places without getting caught! She’s found lots of inconspicuous spots to place her cameras where steam won’t affect the quality of each footage as the girls gather around and partake in the act of wash, lather, rinse, and repeat. Considering that the site gets updated with fresh content every day, it’s a huge site with lots of content to enjoy. At the time of this review, there are more than 700 videos, and more are being added on a daily basis. Overall, the site is simple and easy to use. It has a nice black and pink color scheme, with a simple menu tab that lets you access various parts of the site, including the Members Area and the Camera Preview. From the main page, you’ll see the latest updates with screen caps taken from the films, along with a short caption that’ll give you an idea what a particular scene is all about. Of course, there’s no models index to speak of since all the girls featured here are completely oblivious to the fact that they’re already being ogled at in a porn site! Overall, navigation is straightforward, with a basic search tool that allows you to look for specific videos. Videos are also neatly categorized so you can easily find what you need.

Models & Video Quality

From dainty chicks with well-shaved pussies, to BBWs with flabby tummies, Laura sure knows when to strike when a shower room is crowded with sizzling hot ladies stripping naked and covering their bodies with soap. All in all, the site has 6 different cameras hidden in various public places, all of which appear to be somewhere in Europe. We wouldn’t know for sure, though, since there’s no mention of a specific location in the site. One camera is installed in a locker room where you can watch 20-somethings taking their clothes off and getting changed; one in what appears to be a changing room at a nude beach; while the rest appear to be hidden in shower areas. Stalls are open, of course, which is why the cameras are able to cover the entire area; making sure all the steamy details are exposed. Some give you a luscious view of multiple stalls, while others are close-ups so you get a better view of the girls’ tits and pussies. My personal favorite, however, is the one at a nude beach. There are times when you get sick and tired with the videos taken from the usual shower areas, so a nice outdoor view is a breath of fresh air. You can find a wide range of girls in various shapes and sizes, from chicks giving their tits and pussies a good soaping, to girls rubbing their butt cheeks and thighs, and bending over to give you a better view of their pinkish labia. There’s plenty of jiggling boobies everywhere, too. The girls appear to be relaxed, going about with their usual routine after a rigorous activity at the gym. They really seem to be completely oblivious at the fact that they’re already being filmed and uploaded online – and by a fellow chick, too! You won’t find any photo sets here but that doesn’t surprise me, given the fact that ShowerSpyCameras is the type of site with hidden camera flicks on offer. Digital stills would simply be too unappealing and boring. Meanwhile, the videos will surprise you, especially in terms of quality. If you ask me, you won’t find any hidden camera clips looking this crisp and clear! ShowerSpyCameras gives you the option to download the videos in MP4 format, up to a glorious 1080p. The videos look just as fantastic if you choose to watch them online through the embedded Flash player. Videos can be played at 720p or higher. Whatever your preference, trust that you can enjoy nothing but juicy HD voyeur goodness!

Final Resume

You’ll never know who’s watching you and from where, and as this site displays, there’s no safe spot for girls to strip naked even in shower and changing rooms because everything’s out in the open! You have Laura to thank for that! It’s all boobs, pussies, butts, and loads of soap here at ShowerSpyCameras, and it’s the ultimate porn destination for voyeur entertainment. Laura strategically placed spy cameras throughout lockers rooms and outdoor shower areas in the most inconspicuous spots – in various angles that would allow you to see the best possible view of chicks exposing their delicate parts. This site certainly brings out the peeper in all of us, and it’s proof that the popularity of voyeur porn continues to sky-rocket. I mean, why would there be premium porn sites like ShowerSpyCameras if there was not a great number of perverts out there who love peeking at girls who are merely getting changed and cleaning themselves up? So if you love to look at ladies getting wet and lathering their bodies, make sure to head on over to ShowerSpyCameras to satisfy the voyeur in you! The site promises you with regular HD quality content you won’t find elsewhere!

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