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St Mackenzie’s captures the classic mystery of the teacher versus student relationship. This is a theme that has dogged humanity over the time. While the teacher and the student try to keep to their ends of the bargain, there are times when the center can’t hold anymore. They soon find themselves devouring the forbidden fruit. I love the setting and the textual descriptions that help the viewer figure out the circumstances that get the teacher and the student in steamy sexual encounters.

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Website Layout

You will love the setting and the décor that graces the background on this site. I loved the creativity. There is a distant mild pink hue that seems to be used as a clue as to the subtlety of the encounters that ensue. I figured that it is a way of reflecting the romantic background spark that is suppressed but is ever so present at academy. You are also presented with blackboards and typical classroom scenes featuring girls in uniform, ties and all. I have to mention that these are simulations. Evidently the models are mature women while the dudes are random actors. The name of the institution is also fictitious. I love the creativity in the display of content. The site quickly lets you know what you are up to with a list of services written on the blackboards. There are 117 characters featured. These are the pupils and teachers of St Mackenzie’s. The content of the site is exclusive. Indeed it is easy to prove such a claim since there aren’t many sites pursuing the theme anyway. The platform makes a decent attempt at providing viewers with user friendly features. There is a clear outline of the categories displayed on both the top pane and bottom of the landing page. The blackboards on the page also provide a lot of information on the content within. In fact, I got most of my information from the blackboards portrayed. The site is optimized for mobile access too. I could check in and sample my favorite scenes from my Smartphone. There are no live cam shows or bonus sites provided but the content is sufficient and exclusive. In fact, I didn’t remember the bonus element until I took a break to assess the overall content of the site.

Models & Video Quality

The site is conspicuously titillating from the onset. The landing page is splattered with numerous still and sliding captions of the scenes underneath. While there are many teacher student encounters, you also get a sufficient amount of sex videos featuring girl on girl seduction and sex orgies. Samantha is a beautiful tall blonde with innocent looking eyes and some nice sturdy legs. She is seen in her full uniform sitting on the railing of the stair cases to her class. Helen and Samantha are naughty individuals in St. Paul’s hall. They strip naked and take photos and videos as the rest are in class. They post these images online and even decide to take photos along the full length of the corridor. There are many stimulating videos and pictures on the site. A lot of the content features girls showing off their beautiful lingerie in classrooms and even public places such as verandas. You also get enough videos featuring the girls in the nude. Does the name of the site ring a bell? Well, it does for me. The prefix ‘’St.’’ is a common element in the names of many institution around the world. You are treated to a rich pool of content here. There are 553 videos, 636 galleries and 76, 320 images.

Final Resume

The site is naturally exciting. You do not need many scenes to get your groove. The naughty encounter between students and teachers, the, even, naughtier encounters between girls provide fresh entertainment all the time. If you have a thing for seniors sex and naughtiness, you have your best bet on St Mackenzie’s for entertainment.

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