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One of the exciting hardcore XXX sites, TakeVan porn site is here to feature sex-filled videos of men and women fucking at the back of the van. With the girls getting picked up from the streets, the men would entice them to have fun on the road. The hardcore XXX plays featured will turn you on to the point that you’d also want to pick up girls yourself.

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Website Layout

The website design of every porn site is one that should be taken into close scrutiny. After all, you are visiting a porn website so that you can relax, enjoy, and be pleasured. If the site is not up to your standards, then you wouldn’t want to stay there even for a second more. TakeVan understands this and, as such, the porn website has dedicated its all into providing the best web experience for its members. For example, the main menu only contains links to the essential sections of the site. These links include Home, Sites, Pick ups, and Contact Us. If there are secondary links, they are placed in a position where they can be easily seen but not entirely obtrusive. Aside from making sure that the links are well-placed, TakeVan also put effort into the advanced search tool that it has. Through the search tool, searching for nice videos and photos is an easy task.

When visiting for the first time, it should be a given that the first place you will be directed to is the home page. In the TakeVan porn website’s home page, you will get to see a list of porn videos. These videos are listed with their thumbnails/screenshots. Of course, there are also a bit of details included to help you make a decision on whether or not you will watch that video. Some of the details you will get your hands on right after the videos include the video title, pick up date, pick up time, pick up location, and video location. If you want to identify who the models are in a certain video, all you have to do is to click on the model index. This model index will feature all of the girls who have been featured in TakeVan since its founding. The only thing that you will read in the model index is the model’s name though. You should be able to find your favorite picked up girl through the model index in this site.

It is worth to note that the porn videos and photos already archived here in the site are all of good quality. TakeVan doesn’t slack off, after all. There is absolutely no way that the site will upload any video that is of less than stellar quality. Don’t expect that this site will showcase videos that have an amateurish tinge to them, like those of other websites. For the videos, you can expect them to be at their best resolution, which is 1920×1080. With that kind of resolution, the video will be as clear as you want them to be. In case you plan to download, the video will be available in file format MP4. The video length varies but they will mostly be more or less half an hour long. If you go through the entire site, then you will see that there’re about 76 videos available already. In addition, you can expect this collection to grow even more in the future since the site offers to do regular updates. There are no photo sets you can check but there should still be individual photos that you can view or download. If you want to leave some souvenirs in your smartphone of these picked up girls, then you just have to download the screenshots already posted in the site.

There is also one good thing with your membership to the porn website TakeVan. If you have signed up for the entire network that TakeVan belongs to, then that means you will also be given access to the different porn websites that belong to the same network as TakeVan. The bonus content in these bonus sites will increase the porn videos and photos that you should be able to enjoy during your “free” time. Some of the websites that you will have access to upon your membership include TeenyPlayground, My First Public, Fake Shooting, and so many more. Through these sites, you get to enjoy hardcore scenes you’d get a nosebleed for.

Models & Video Quality

The girls are really awesome! In appearance, they are the slender type with busty physique. It is only natural that you will fall for them because they are really gorgeous. There is no one out there who won’t fall for their charms. They are Czech girls who are okay with getting fucked at the back of the van.

The scenario in the TakeVan porn website generally rolls out like this: a guy drives by, stops when he finds a nice chick with cute ass, rolls down his window, and solicits the girl. Most of the girls will agree without too much persuasion. Once they agree, they will be fucked senseless and with pleasure.

Final Resume

Hardcore reality porn is a common niche in the AV industry. However, that doesn’t mean that TakeVan will follow in the footsteps of the other porn websites in the same niche. If you are really into hardcore porn with girls who are not averse to anything sexual, then TakeVan is what you need.

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