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Three is a crowd? Not! When it comes to sex with girls that fresh, there is absolutely no way that three is a crowd! That can be proven if you visit Teens3Some. This website was launched last October 2007 with RoyalCash as its partner. The girls that are featured on the site are mostly adorable European, but there are American beauties who sizzle with their hot bodies as well. These amateur girls give their first time to their partners – yes, “PARTNERS”, as there will mostly be two men fucking them in the videos posted in Teens3Some. Most of the videos here will focus on male-female-male threesomes, but you can also see videos of the female-male-female action. It is up to you what video you will choose. Your subscription to this website will only cost you a few bucks a month, but you will also gain access to an average of 40 bonus sites. Teens3Some is a real gem when you want to see three-way sex with boys and girls who have just reached their full maturity!

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Website Layout

The website design of this porn website is quite user-friendly. You can navigate through the entire site and find what you want to see without getting lost. It has this cheery feel, given that the website is all pink and girly. Since its a porn site, there is no problem with that. In fact, it turns the viewers on more than normal porn website design. You’ll see adorable girls in cute clothes sucking dick or getting pounded as the banner of the website. Once you access the site with your login details, you can then proceed to the new updates right from the home page. You can also choose to click on the Threesome or Threesome with DP tabs to go directly to the kind of three-way sex you want to witness. If you want to see all of the videos that were posted on the website from the very beginning, then you can go to Archive. You can meet the girls by clicking on the Most Popular Girls tab. If this is not the first time you have visited the site and you have some favorites already, you can access these favorites by clicking on the My Favorite Girls tab. Of course, you can also get some bonus sites and great extras by clicking on the right tab. The videos that are posted on the site may not be of the industry standard quality (1080p), but it should still be of good quality with its 720×576 (2200kbps) quality. These videos span at least 15 minutes and 30 minutes at most. You can choose to stream them in Flash or download them in low, medium, or high quality. These videos only have five seconds buffer and you can pause-and-play them. Once you finished watching, you can leave a rating for that video. This rating helps the video rank in the most popular videos on the site. For the images, you can easily find some erotic screenshots of the sex videos you find. These screenshots are the raciest and horniest stills from the video where you can certainly see deep penetration and awesome fucking. These images are usually displayed at 1280×853 pixels. If you want to download these images, you can do so in one zip file. For the bonus sites, you are allowed to access a plethora of amazing porn sites that belong to the same network as Teens3Some. These bonus sites include PoliceSexTapes, DVDPornNet, VirginFilms, SeducedAngels, ClubRealVirgins, LadiesTrick, AboutGirlsLove, and ElPornoLatino.

Models & Video Quality

The cute girls in the video are mostly British, but there are American amateurs featured as well. These are the horny girls who are yet to be deflowered. In the video, it is mostly that they give their first time to the men they are partnered with in the video. Even though this is their first time, they are horny and game enough to take on two cocks either in just their pussy or splitting it up with their pussy and asshole. They take the huge, throbbing cocks raw or with a condom. In the female-male-female videos, it is most likely that the first male-female here are a couple. One such video is when the female friend walks in while the couple is getting hot and heavy in the living room’s sofa. Another amazing plot that you’d surely want to happen to you in real life is when the slutty female goes out partying and brings home two hot-bodied guys she met at the bar. Without any inhibitions, she gives her first time to these total strangers simply because she’s too horny for sex. Some of the great girls that are featured on the site include Tanya, Alina, Susie, Taisya, Vladlena, Jelena, and Ira. These amazing blondes will give you an amazing fuck video even though this is their first time “hanging” out with guys – two guys at that! Threesome sex has never been that mind-blowing before this threesome website came along.

Final Resume

Generally, Teens3Some is still categorically a porn website under the group sex niche. However, it is mostly focused on three people participating in the erotic art of sex. You’ll see two males lucky enough to get into the female’s pants without any resistance at all – even though the fact remains that these girls just stepped into adulthood recently. The group sex is so amazingly wanton that you’ll want to replay it over and over so that you can cum over and over as well. There is no doubt that this porn website is worth buying a subscription for. Aside from that, you know that you can get your value’s worth since you have other bonus sites you can access. Once you have already exhausted the threesome sex videos posted on this website, you can visit the bonus sites so that you can continue your fun anytime you want. Joining this porn website is the best thing that could happen to you.

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