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The TeensAnalyzed is a hardcore porn portal, where you can find a big compilation of heavy porn. The first part of the site’s name tells us about the average age-category of the girls, while the second part hides the main niche of the movies: anal sex. Though you may not get the idea at first, but as you can see, these girls are mostly Europeans; probably mostly Russian and Czech models are featured. The videos here are mostly exclusive, though you may have seen some of them elsewhere, and since the girls are all professional pornstars, you might recognize them. The site is updated on a monthly base; there is quite some time can be between two flicks, but there are more than 230 scenes here. Fortunately you won’t be bored between updates, because

Fortunately you won’t be bored between updates, because you get 20 other sites as a member. It’s a bit hard to detect whether the scenes here are unique or not. One thing is quite safe to assume: the videos of the TeensAnalyzed are one of a kind, but it may be possible that you might find them listed on other sites of this network. As for out-of-the-network appearance, if you find these scenes anywhere else, you have to know that this is their original publishing place. Let’s take a look at the content you get as a member. The videos of this site are hot, we already noted that, but what about the bonuses? Well, if you think that these scenes are nice, your mind will blow if you watch the other sites’ content. The extra sites feature both major types of porn: amateur and professional.

While the amateur content is usually staged reality porn, there will be some actual never seen before porn videos of European couples, which is a good chance for you if you’re tired of the bullshit that circles around the web. The studio or studio-like videos are also really exciting, and they cover various fantasies and nasty heavy hardcore porn niches. As an overall amount, you get more than 7,000 lengthy porn videos if you join this site.

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Website Layout

The page where you land after entering the site’s address into your browser looks good, and tells you right away what you can expect to find here. The tour on itself is quite fast, since you only get to browse the first page of the videos. Medium thumbnails represent the scenes, and each piece features the length of the given scene; as you scroll down the page, the list expands so you can easily browse through the majority of the videos. Trailers are not featured, so you must settle with the pictures. Once you are inside, you can start exploring the actual content of the site. To make it more comfortable the site offers lots of sorting options.

As for the layout you will find it pretty easy to use: there will be a heading with the logo of the site – next to it, you can find the search bar. Under this area, they placed the menu, where you can reach all important section of the site, including the bonuses, live cams and the favorites’ list. The search engine recognizes names, titles, phrases and terms (niches, categories), and you can choose to search for videos or pictures. Advanced options are not available.

Another sorting method is to use the Tags menu, where you can select the niches you are interested in. As you will see the videos here are available in many formats. For the in-browser playing, the site provides a Flash stream, which usually grants normal quality, though in some cases HD playback is also available. You can obtain videos in really high quality if you save them, since there are HD video formats for mobile; while for PC, you can save MP4 or WMV files in 1080p. The TeensAnalyzed features more than 130 photo galleries, which offer good quality picture which you can view full-screen in the browser, or save as zip files.

Models & Video Quality

These chicks are amazing, and saying that isn’t exaggerating. If you have a crush for fresh, natural girls, these European cuties will surely turn you on, especially when they get naked, start sucking then moan and scream with pleasure. As you can see most models of the site are Caucasians, and since it’s mostly Eastern-European porn, you won’t really find here any ethnic models. Natural, firm tits are there on the girls, and their butts are simply things to worship. Each video is scripted, but there are parts you might skip, since they are not speaking English, and subtitles are not featured.

Apart from this, the scenes are really hot, and cover various scenarios. In most case, they feature one on one action, but there are both types of threesomes so some soft lesbian warm-up and heavy double penetration happens in the videos. As you read this, the TeensAnalyzed continues to grow, though the over 230 videos of this collection is already a lot, especially if you consider the following two facts: the scenes are usually more than 20 minutes long, and they all feature anal sex. Probably the TeensAnalyzed is one of the biggest anal-themed porn sites you can find on the web.

Final Resume

At this time, the TeensAnalyzed offers you over 230 hardcore movies and though the number doesn’t seem too big, these scenes are rather long they usually run for more than 20 minutes. It’s certain that you agree with us when we say that the TeensAnalyzed is totally worth it, mainly because of the huge amount of scenes in the network.

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