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If there are two types of porn videos or porn genre that are very hard to find, that is tranny sex and facesitting. Are you familiar with the both? I will not be surprised if you’re not. This type of porn has been in the industry for quite some time now and has recently been getting the attention that they deserve. However, the main reason why not enough people are getting some information about these unique fetishes is the fact that there are not a lot of quality porn sites out there that best present these fetishes, along with other unique genres out there.
So, it really is a very good thing that we have found a porn site that offers both!

First, you will see really great tranny porn here. Tranny is a short term for transsexual. This is what you call chicks with dicks. They are not just gay, they are actual chicks. In fact, a lot of the trannies that you are going to see here are even prettier and more feminine than some of the chicks I know in real life (and surprisingly, even some I’ve seen on porn!). Yes, that’s how beautiful they are – but more about them later. Let us now move on to the facesitting genre. This is a type of oral sex, where one of the porn stars would site on the other porn star’s face and let the one below eat him or her. Either way, the one on top is sure to have a really good time.

Now, as what we have already mentioned, we have found a really rare porn site that offers both of these genres on the same site! You better believe it, bros. I have been touring this porn site for a couple of days now, and I still can’t believe my eyes. Every single time. It is already an achievement to find a quality tranny porn site, or much more, a facesitting one…but a porn tranny facesitting site? That is one rare find indeed – and one that we will much enjoy sharing with you guys today through this short review. The porn site’s name is none other than TrannyFacesitting.

Anyway, before we start, it is important to note that this porn site, much like any other premium porn site out there, is one that requires membership first before you will be able to take a tour and gain full access. Don’t worry, the membership process is fast and only takes a couple of minutes. First, you need to enter your information (which are the username that you’d want to use, a password, and the email where the site can communicate with you). Next, you may then proceed to step two, which requires to select a payment option. After doing so, you may then go on and choose the membership plan that you’d like. There are different monthly plans and a one-year plan. It is just up to you which one you’re going to select. If you’re going to ask me, the longer the plan, the better. Not only will you get an awesome discount, you will also get to enjoy the site longer.

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Website Layout

The porn site is surprisingly simple. It is not as colourful or as graphically flashy as compared to the other sites out there. In fact, aside from the collage on the header of the site which is made up of the best scenes that the site has so far, you’re not going to find any other graphic or artsy element on the page. Don’t worry, though, I think the reason that the website is designed as such is to not take away from the presentation of the contents itself. Anyway, moving on, underneath the said banner, you will find the site’s black and white menu. This navigation is complete and it should help each user to locate whatever he or she is looking for inside the TrannyFacesitting site.

Scrolling down, you will see the thumbnails that represent each of the content that they have. These thumbnails have different information that you would find helpful in selecting the scenes that you want to watch or download. After all, once you have signed up for premium membership, you may stream and download these videos all you want. You will also be pleased to learn that TrannyFacesitting has really fast servers. Hence, you are sure that the buffering and loading rates will be lightning fast.

Models & Video Quality

Now, let us move on to the best part of this review: the ladies and the site’s contents. The ladies, like what we have already mentioned above, are all certified trannies – and lovely ones, I assure you. The main charm that these chicks have is that they are, what you call, “dual-purpose”. They can be fucked as you would any other chick, but only more exciting because they’ll take it only through anal. And, once they get tired of getting fucked, they too can fuck, even the same guy who was just jamming them a while ago. Isn’t it great? In fact, it’s even more exciting because they are here in a facesitting site.

Final Resume

Needless to say, the videos of this site are not only unique, but they are also creative and high-quality as well. They are all in high-definition. This is the reason why we chose to write a review for it in the first place, and why we really think that you should take your time in looking into this site. Anyone, even those who are not really into tranny facesitting at all, will miss a lot by not taking a look at it.

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