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I’ve never been one for mature women, but then, my mind suddenly changed when I arrived to Trisha’s Friends and saw all the kinds of kinky action that mature women are up to. Given the name Trisha’s Friends, you could expect the site to feature Trisha, a women over fifty that shies away from no kind of dirty story, and her friends, all mature, including some males who are handling themselves really well, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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Website Layout

Starting off, you are welcomed by a slider, showing images of Trisha and her friends, some of them from her high school, even, beautiful women over fifty, with rich smiles that only a person satisfied with her body and herself, in general, can carry around all the time. The changing images really stand to show you what kind of a ride you’re in for, and believe me, it is quite a ride, one that should not be missed. The site is dedicated to Trisha and her friends, and the layout is in a grid-like fashion, showing off your favorite cougars, all posing in quite stunning positions, all there to guide you to the pleasure zone, a place you will not want to leave after Trisha and her friends get a hold of you. Navigating was a pleasure, as well, from the desktop or from the mobile phone, you name it, and this site has got it, including optimization for all devices, implemented to increase the delight of browsing.

Models & Video Quality

Trisha is the highlight of this website, and she is prone to seducing you in all sorts of ways, including playing with her friends, all mature and very knowledgeable when it comes to sex and the art of loving, whether that loving is for a sweet, wet pussy, or a large, aroused cock, that is entirely up to you. Her girlfriends, and she’s got quite a lot of them, are all prone to playing with one another, with themselves and with men, young and horny, ready to be guided and showed how to handle a real, mature woman who knows her desires. And after they are done playing with themselves, they also visit the Dirty Doctor, a man who knows how to examine these women, and he examines them thoroughly, not wanting to miss a single spot. Are you into videos, half an hour long, full feature, full HD? This site is packed with them, from mature woman to woman action, to young men being showed how to behave in bed. How about an image gallery? You get a free tour of that, but that is never the complete set, which is quite large, like the boobs of the women in the photos. With over one hundred videos updated very regularly, you are in for a ride, one that leads to the gates of pleasure and orgasms, for both you and the lovely cougars which will show you the other side of passion. Along with this site, the membership plans also includes the site Hot Mature Trisha which is dedicated to Trisha only, and she herself is enough to make you blow up, let alone all of her friends. Apart from that, you do get access to live chat with these women, something I would not miss out, especially on a lonely night.

Final Resume

Mature, really sexy women who along with their experience bring forth an attitude which will not disappoint you, no matter how down you might be, they will make you rise, in all sorts of ways. Trisha and her friends are just the types of women that know how to help you get a smile on your face, along with some extra perks, Trisha’s Friends is not a site to be missed.

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