Great adult pay site with true amateur couples going wild.


There is something thrilling about watching amateur couples having sex in a very wily way. This network is a must visit for voyeuristic folks who love prying on unknowing persons. Velvet Ecstasy is an image and clip website, which entails real amateur couples having real sex. A new girl or couple is taped in their studio weekly getting freaky, with the gland combat climaxing in a facial. I am nearly smacked by the lack of a stunts at Velvet Ecstasy. I found no slut hunted and no whores banged. It is just some decent and typical folks having sex.

Design and features

When I first browsed the site, I was drawn by the calm blue color of the theme. The menu tabs to various pages are easily accessible on top of the page. I found the usual stuff that folks for granted; tour, updates, reviews, store, contacts, webmasters, links, and join. I found on this site some handy browsing tools. What I like is that you can browse content by type, category, title, name, and year. At first sight, the structure seems almost very easy, although I found it to be very efficient.

A number of tales, third party feeds, and friend galleries are accessible for members. The simple layout makes it easy for members enjoy viewing with minimal hustle. You want to have a smooth watching devoid of complexities. Navigation is direct with sequential year archives beside model index, niche groupings, and written briefs of the acts.

Good news! Velvet Ecstasy is mobile friendly. Watch your videos, follow feeds and updates on your smartphone and tablet at any location. Trippers will benefit with this compatibility. When you click the members and visitors’ tabs you are directed on the home page with a brilliant white background and exciting photos.

Girls and videos

If amateurs are what makes you weaken your knees the most but you do not want to strain your desire to only 1, well then Velvet Ecstasy is just the right place. As I was browsing through the network I found a massive collection of amateur couples having sex. Photos are viewable as a slide show, or by clicking on your preferred option of preview thumbs. None of the material uploaded here disappointed me. If you love watching typical lovers getting it on, then I do not think the material any odd of you getting frustrated, only smiles.

I noticed most clips came in at 720p with bitrate speeds at 3000k. Although they were nice to watch, the newest offerings with 6000k and 1080p are a great treat for an amateur site with a great deal of history. The newest photos go up to 1600×1200 in size and are generally sharp. Majority of the acts are filmed in the studio and entail brilliant-lighting and an expert style. This surely gives you the value for your monthly subscription.

For sure, these are your typical pairs, though they are more than average sluts behind closed doors of their bedrooms. It is a real arousal to watch how these lovers suck and fuck when the film begins rolling. The charm of the folks I found here differs, but most are average and above average. Be sure to find some with extremely amazing looks, that is a turn on, right? There are certainly some real viewers in there, too.

Video formatting is consistent with downloadable WMV files. Newer additions have a breakdown of the action by Intro, Main, Facial, and Aftermath. Picture galleries have zip files in place for downloading the sets. Clip file size info for every movie is correctly published. I was obtaining quite swift DL speeds at around 1.5-2.0MB/sec hence it took very short time to download the files.


VelvetEcstasy is one site that has captured an exclusive approach in the porn industry. The phrase “reality” has lost its meaning owing to abuse by fake “reality” porn sites that normally encompass bizarre scenarios and dubious sex positions. The starring folks often know each other in advance and they have sex. That appears unbelievably genuine to me.

“This site no longer exists. You can find another one in the collection of the top porn websites.”

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