One of the best pay sex sites for tranny true lovers, featuring the unique Venus Lux, half Chinese-half Mongolian transsexual star.


The VenusLux is a site of an upcoming and already well-known transsexual pornstar, Venus Lux. She is a Chinese-Mongolian tranny, who could possibly become one of the biggest tranny pornstars of the next decade. She is still fresh, and looks very good on film, and photos. This site is dedicated to her, and it’s her official website. You can find here most of her movies, which usually cover a large number of niches, from masturbation to anal sex and threesomes. The VenusLux seems to be a new site, and according to information obtained after some research, it launched during this year. Don’t despair yet, the videos date back much more: the oldest scene comes from 2012; there are three years of weekly updates here. The site follows a weekly update schedule, and there are usually one photo set and one video added on each occasion. Every video here is exclusive, and they are not just advertised to be, they ARE unique, you won’t find them anyplace else, not in this good quality. The members’ zone is advertisement free and simple.

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Design & Features

So, you have decided to take a look at the site itself? Then let’s take the tour: the VenusLux lets you to enjoy five free trailers, and you can browse one page of the videos. The trailers are satisfactory, and they give some insight on what to expect inside. After completing the registration, you will be welcomed by a simple, but very handsome website. The major color in use is the gold, and its different shades. The layout is easy to learn: on the top you can find the menu, and under the heading the listings are featured. On the updates’ page you may locate the search bar on the right side, above the news feed. This is a simple engine; it offers you a keyword based search, scanning through the description, the title and the categories tags of the videos. The videos are mostly available in MP4 format, and you can usually save them in only the best quality (540p for the oldest, 720p for the newest ones). The download speed is good and steady, and the online stream is also enjoyable, you won’t be disappointed by that (you can watch the scenes in HD in your browser). You can browse the photo galleries one by one, or you can set up a slideshow and just enjoy that. You may also obtain the sets in zip files. There is a surprisingly good mobile version the site, which opens on the most basic smart phones and tablets too, and the built-in factory browser is capable of handling it. You can enjoy the pictures and the videos too, without running into any trouble. The site was tested on an Android device, but it’s certain that an iOS or Windows device can also handle it.

Girls & Videos

There is only one major star featured on the VenusLux, and that’s Venus Lux herself. She is a busty and really hot transsexual. Her ethnicity is something special: she is Chinese/Mongolian. If you’ve ever looked around the web for transsexuals, you may have noticed that most of the Asian trannies are amazingly hot, and in difference with the Caucasians, they aren’t so masculine. So, Venus Lux is the main attraction here, and you need to know that she is not an amateur. During the last few years she has countless nominations and in 2014 and 2015 she was voted as the Best Transsexual performer/actor both on the annual XBiz and AVN awards. She has nice, good-looking medium fake breast, and perfectly shaped body, with a nice ass. Her natural hair color is black, and she has tempting warm brown eyes. The videos here however are not just solo movies. Venus Lux works with other two, though most of them are not named: the guys are usually professionals, but there are occasions when she is performing with some very lucky and well-endowed members. There are female performers too, some of them are even named on the movies’ page and by clicking on the name, and you can get some info on them. The videos on the site are staged, and cover numerous hardcore niches. The transsexuals are usually considered as a niche, so there is one. When a video features a tranny, the sex is usually anal and oral, so lots of blowjobs and ass-pounding takes place. The thing works vice versa, the guy who fucks the tranny, also gets his ass pounded (but not always). Some movies on the site features threesomes, and there are a few very exciting scenes where Venus Lux fucks chicks, and if you like some leather and latex, you can find videos covering that too, and there a numerous scenes featuring either domination by Venus, or her submitting to the guy. You can also find lots of solo videos. The movies date back to 2012, that’s when the first ones were added, and since then, the updates were coming regularly, and they offer 540p quality, which is usually considered as the WebHD; the newest ones are usually in 720p. There are more than 130 videos on the site with varied length, though the average is somewhere about 20 minutes. You might find here movies with only 15 minutes of length, while there are exciting scenes going on for more than half an hour.


The VenusLux is a well-built site that offers the members real hardcore porn, performed by a really exotic, hot transsexual. The movies here are all shot in a professional manner, and the high level of expertise is present in the sex too. The collection of the VenusLux is rather large – in light of the site’s age, it’s very good – and due to the regular updates, the number grows with every passing week. If you are lucky, you can get a live show from Venus Lux; just make sure to check the Webcam section regularly. There might be only one star of this site, but if you are someone who likes trannies and you are looking for the best, the price of the VenusLux well worth it.

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