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Porn is getting very interesting these days. A quick review of the history of porn will provide this fact. From simple, plain porn a few decades ago, porn has come a long way indeed. The best part of the porn industry is its acceptance of new techniques and integration of new technologies to deliver the best content to porn users worldwide. The porn industry was the first one to adopt live cam shows to attract users to watch sluts performing for them. In a similar vein, the porn industry has now adopted a new technology to get porn to a newer level of enjoyment. Virtual Reality is the in-thing today in porn, and a leader in this field is WankzVR. A first mover in using VR Technology, WankzVR is now nominated for the 2017 XBIZ and AVN Awards. 

Before we review WankzVR, it is a good idea to help you understand what VR technology is. Virtual Reality provides you a simulated environment for watching a video. You believe you are in control of everything that is happening in the video. You have a 1080p and 3D view of your video, making it a beautiful experience. When you watch porn on WankzVR, you feel that the sluts and bitches are performing all sex acts on you. So, would you want to go on a wild ride into the world of WankzVR?

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Website Layout

Let us start from the beginning, which is the first thing that you observe on logging in. A white strip at the top of the site acts as a header with tabs. On the left, you will find the WankzVR logo and a search tool. Move towards the right and you will find the tabs that will take you to various parts of the site, such as Videos, Porn Stars, Get Help, Members and a red coloured Join Now.

If you think the site is only for males, you are mistaken. FemalePOV, a feature exclusively for females will blow your mind away. FemalePOV gives females an opportunity to finger their pussies, watching guys getting dirty and licking their cunts and fucking them. The 3D feature of VR gives them a reason to enjoy.

Below the tabs, a beautiful slideshow of the latest videos welcomes you to the site. If you watch the slideshow, you are sure to get your dicks flying high. A list of six videos is presented to you that will give you an idea of what to expect on this site. Each video is uploaded on a black and grey background, with six thumbnails on the right. On the right, you will find a large thumbnail of the naked sluts and bitches featured in the video. On clicking a thumbnail, you will find a double image of the same on the right. This is the 3D effect that VR technology will give you.

Below the thumbnails, you will find the exclusivity of VR, such as Shot in 1080p, Head Tracking, Binaural Sound and Shot in 3D. A brief description below will give you what the video is about. Below the double image, you will find terms like 60fps (frames per second), date of upload and duration of the video.

The site is very affordable, and you can choose from monthly, quarterly and annual plans. Annual plans save you a lot of money, but if you subscribe any plan now, you will get a 33% discount as part of the site’s Extended Sale Event. A doubly cool offer, this is!

Models & Video Quality

The site has amazingly original videos allowing you to enjoy them fully. Not only are the videos original, the sluts are simply superb. The site has opted for the best porn stars you have ever come across. These sluts have amazing bodies, are sexy and eye candies of all porn lovers. There are no words to describe these sluts. You should watch them to believe the way they have maintained their bodies.
Their skin is so amazing and silky. Put a piece of soft cloth and it will just slide off them. Stripping them naked is one of the easiest things to do. Loosen the buttons, and watching the clothes slide off will make you go wild.

Their back is hot, and asses perfectly shaped and chiseled. Assholes are perfect for pounding in doggy style. Before describing their cunts, let us check out their amazing boobs. Their boobs are meant to be fondled and groped, squeezed and played with all night. Nipples are pointed and perky, and are meant to be sucked till they are dry. Their pussies are the most amazing parts of their body. They are beautifully trimmed, and shapely. The fuck hole is juicy, and when a lesbian slut eats the cunt, the slut shows why she is a porn star. Finally, when a dick enters that juicy cunt, you are left speechless.

Videos are very diverse and the themes are superb. From sluts playing with themselves to threesomes, there is awesome diversity in what you can choose from. All videos need to be enjoyed on the VR gear, for that’s when you will get the 3D effect. The depth perception that you experience when watching these videos is excellent. This gives you the feeling of watching a live-show on the gear. You would be tempted to raise your hands, touch those assets, get your winkie out and fuck the slut till she screams in pleasure. We are sure that your hands are playing with your dicks, and we don’t want to interfere your jerk-off session. Read the conclusion quickly, and then click Join Now.

Final Resume

Updated twice a week, subscription gives you the most amazing 3D experience of watching porn on WankzVR. Being a leader in VR porn, you can be assured of the most engaging porn experience on WankzVR. For us, VR will be the future of porn, till a new technology comes to elevate its stature. Subscription will also give you access to 30+ non-VR sites. With a 33% discount as part of their extended sale event, you have everything going your way. Without much ado, click on Join Now and get access to the greatest porn experience. Welcome to the Future!

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