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This site is one of a trio of hardcore sites, which offer the horny visitors Asian-focused porn videos, coming from the amateur arena and from studios. The YellowSpinners is the second type, here you can enjoy a collection of non-exclusive porn videos, which feature some of the hottest Asian models of the industry – usually working in the United States.

During our visit, we found more than 170 porn videos, which is the number that strongly supports the site’s claims about the update schedule: there are weekly additions of videos, photo sets and video caption galleries. The quality is a bit inconsistent, but the number of HD porn here is quite significant.
In case you are afraid that you will finish off the content too soon, you should also take a look at the site’s promises.

This portal is part of the LongTimePass network, which grants you access to two additional porn sites. The AsianGFVideos features hot amateur cuties – only Asians – doing outrageous things with their boyfriend, or in solo or lesbian scenes, while they also shot lots of pictures as mirror-sluts do. No Asian network could work without a site featuring the kinkier cuties of the East: the Japanese. The JapBox is a tube-like site which offers you scenes and photos of the hottest Japanese AV Idols. Though some of the content is censored, you can still find here uncensored porn videos, thus fulfilling your need for sweet Asian clits.  Though the content is not exclusive, there is a lot to see, and at first the sites may look weird, the videos here well-worth watching.

Top hd sex site part of an huge Asian porn network

Website Layout

This site isn’t much different from almost all other porn sites. There is a quick tour you can take, which features only thumbnails from the content you can find inside. Only medium pictures are listed, but the things they show are enough to make an Asian-fan curious enough to want to get inside. You can check the other two sites of the network too, they feature the same simple tour.

In the members’ area you will find that the simplicity isn’t just a thing of the tour. There is one menu, which leads you to the different contents of the site. Also the two included sites’ content is reachable via that menu, so you don’t have to leave if you are interested in those.
You have the option to play the videos in the browser. To do so, you just have to pick a scene, and when its page is loaded, you can start playing it by clicking on the player window. There aren’t any quality settings, what you see is what you get. Mostly MP4 files are offered for the downloaders, and these may be a bit better in quality than the online options.
On the YellowSpinners you can only find screen captions, while the other sites can satisfy the needs of those who want actual photos.

Models & Video Quality

The YellowSpinners offers you a selection of semi-professional to professional level porn videos, featuring some very hot Asian girls, who are also semi-pros at the least. As you will see, the models of the YellowSpinners are all Asians, and they are coming from different Asian ethnicities, so they are quite varied, and not all the same. You will find here are

You will find here are selection of hardcore porn, and while the models of the site are doing their sexy-sexy things, they do it big-time and show you have hard an Asian go on when it’s about fucking. Some of them are those ever-popular Japanese girls, but in these videos they won’t get Japanese cock in their snatch – no, they get fucked by well-hung Caucasians. Even some Black cocks are appearing, so get ready for some truly hardcore interethnic sex, featuring a tight Asian pussy, and an 8 inches long black dick. As you will see, most videos are coming from Western production studios, so the girls are used to do porn, and they take on any size of cocks much easily. In a few cases, we noticed some enhanced breast, but being a fake-breasted girl isn’t common, only occurs once in a while.

Some scenes feel a bit amateurish, but what you get here is quite good, and these girls are really giving you what you need. There are mostly one on one scenarios, the girls are taking on their partner alone. In a few scenes, you can enjoy threesomes, but that’s not too common, so let’s settle with the fact that the site has only straight hardcore sex of couples. When it comes to the actual sex, you will find a lot of hardcore niches covered. The girls are sucking those cock really thorough, and they also seem to enjoy when they get it pushed into their pussy deep and full.

Asians have a kinky feeling about them, and when they have to take on larger cocks than they are used to, they really get crazy. Some of the most exciting videos here feature anal sex, but the double-penetration scenes are also something you have to see for yourself.

Final Resume

A simple site to use and hot hardcore content to watch are the most important things we could say about the YellowSpinners. These videos are longer than the ones on the JapBox and the AsianGFVideos, and they are far better in quality, due to their studio-made nature. When you are looking for Asian porn, but you don’t want to reduce the fun by watching only Japanese girls in action, the LongTimePass’s sites are the ones you need.

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