Great pay porn site for facesitting lovers.


The BeneathHer offers you videos and pictures of a somewhat strange fetish, the smothering. This fetish focuses on the women’s ass and pussy, and the guys with this fixation want to get as close to it as possible. The females are sitting on the face of the guys and so the lads’ desires are fulfilled. This fetish site is part of a larger network, the FetishPack, which offers the eager audience some very nasty porn videos. If you like the darker side of porn, excluding the animal porn of course then you might just found your favorite pack of sites. There is everything here; fetishes, BDSM in both ways, including femdom and even tranny-dom.

Design & Features

The site uses the same template as all other FetishPack sites, so if you are familiar with any of the network pages, you won’t find it too hard to handle this one. The tour page offers a few trailers and descriptions of some scenes, along with a bunch of thumbnails. All trailers are pretty short, but they give you the optimum insight that you need to be able to make a choice. In the members’ zone, you have a few navigation options, which includes a search engine, and a few sorting options at the listings’ page. The videos of the site are represented by thumbnails, and there is a short description beneath them, and they are links to the actual videos. There are two options for you when it comes to actually watching a scene. The in-browser playing is possible through an embedded player, which uses the regular Flash-based technology. Since the videos are not in HD or higher definitions, they load really fast, thus giving really smooth playback. All of the videos are available for download, so if you are a smothering fan, you can build up your own collection of this kind of porn. The files are varied; the oldest scenes offer lower specs, while the newer ones usually in SD quality and they are available as MP4 files. Most scenes are streamed as MP4s. The BeneathHer offers you a neat collection of photos, which might prove to be really satisfying, because apart from the video captions, you get access to some actual photos. The site offers a slideshow option for better viewing, but if you like to use different software, you can still do so, and with the provided zip download options, it’s a pretty easy thing to do. When you type the address of the site into the address bar of a mobile phone or a tablet you will land on the mobile version of the site. During testing, the tablet loaded the desktop version, but clicking on the mobile version button set it right. The mobile version is satisfactory and looks a bit better than the desktop page.

Girls & Videos

The models of the BeneathHer are professional porn stars, and in fact, they do a very good show for the horny viewers. They are varied, and most of them are gorgeous in the way that nowadays we consider a woman beautiful: tight body, nice tits and a round firm ass. Those who have other ideal of beauty may find their favorites here too. For example, some of the models are MILFs, and by the look of their body they gave birth so they not the fake MILFs of the porn studios. There are some juicy big women too, so if you are looking for BBW fun, you can get it here. Along the models of the site you can find some hot fresh girls, just as a few mature women, so if you like any of these two age categories, you are in luck that you found this website. The girls are mostly Caucasians, and if you are familiar with the FetishPack sites, you might already know that they are mostly Europeans, and they aren’t always speak in English. The site doesn’t offer a models’ index, but if you start browsing through it, you will see it for yourself that the models are really varied, though some these mistresses appear in more than on scene. These scenes come from heavy hardcore porn DVDs, and they are all staged, though not necessarily scripted. The main attraction in the videos is when the female model sits on the face of his submissive, fetishist partner. These movies are about worshipping: the guys worship the ass or the pussy of the women and they crave to taste or just smell it. Every video here features this fetish, but they do it in various ways, so you won’t really find them to be too repetitive. There are models here that are taking of their clothes and give a good smothering for the guys so they actually taste the topic of their dreams, though in most cases the models are wearing panties and stockings, so the guy can smell, feel it on his face, but don’t actually taste it. Among the videos of the site, you can also find some not-fitting content, where the guys are not getting sat in the face, but they get close to another lady-part that’s worth worshipping: the large breasts of some of the models. The videos section of the site offers more than 400 scenes for the members, and with the frequent updates it grows.


The BeneathHer may not look modern, and it doesn’t offer HD videos, but it has an honest and nasty collection of videos for the members. Since there aren’t much fetishists on the world who are looking to fulfill their needs online, sites like the ones in the FetishPack are very rare. Fortunately, the BeneathHer has been in this business for a long time, which points to that there are viewers, who are interested in it. Good fetish sites are hard to find, and if you are tired of looking for it on the mainstream sites, hop on the train of the BeneathHer and let it take you through the world of real fetish-porn, with a turn to the BDSM dungeons on the included network sites.